Availability is a programme available in a web browser, both your desktop computer and mobile device. Its innovative complement is a mobile application that works despite the lack of Internet access and without the obligation to log in every time.

The fact that it works in the so-called "background" allows important messages / reminders to be displayed on your phone.

All operations performed on your mobile phone/tablet are synchronized with your user account and then available on your desktop computer.


Save time

Our mobile application will allow you to perform many tedious and time-consuming tasks faster and more pleasant The extensive functionality and the user friendly interface will allow many tasks to be performed by selecting simple commands.


Control of operations

All data related to cattle breeding is located in one place, so you have full control over what is happening on your farm. Each user also has the access to data analysis, which is based on the data introduced over a selected period of time.

We guarantee data security on dedicated servers and a daily security copy.

All the data you enter is safe as never before. All your work is recorded and stored with the safest technological solutions. The correctness of data processing is supervised by the General Inspector of Personal Data Protection - the creators of are subject to control by the aforementioned entity.

Our clients do not need to worry that any personal and other data collected in our system will be shared with anyone.

We protect the privacy of our Users - we do not share information about our clients without their consent.